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EGNION is official partner of Xinwei Welding in PAKISTAN.


Seamless connections with our customized welding services

Integrated Spot Welders

Portable, reliable spot welding with flexible design options

Suspended Spot Welders

Advanced split-type suspension spot welder for complex welding tasks

Robotic Spot WeldersION

Starting from our team every member strives at its best to provide you with an incredible solution

Stationary & MF-DC Spot Welders

Efficient stationary spot welders with stable structure and high power transformer, controlled by micro-computer for versatile welding applications

Stable, efficient spot welders for versatile applications


Seam & Single Side Welders

Stable, adjustable welding with internal and external cooling, versatile application

Stable spot welding with internal/external cooling, micro-computer control, and versatile applications in manufacturing, especially automotive

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