Empowering industries with robotic automation



EGNION is official partner of EVS - QJAR Robots in PAKISTAN.


Transforming industries with cutting-edge robotics technology

Welding Robots

Quick setup, compact arm design, versatile welding applications with precise accuracy and speed

Paint Robots

Explosion-proof painting robots with synchronized spraying and expandable bus-structure

Pick & Place Robots

Flexible, efficient, and reliable industrial robots for diverse applications and harsh environments

Palletizing & Delta Robots

High-speed, reliable robotic arms for palletizing, packaging, and assembly in various industries. Optional hygienic design and vision system

Compact, reliable robotic arm for intelligent manufacturing


Scara & Linear Tracks Robots

Manufacturing robot with compact, flexible, and rigid arm design suitable for handling, assembly, palletizingand semi-enclosed with standardized modules

Stable spot welding with internal/external cooling, micro-computer control, and versatile applications in manufacturing, especially automotive

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