Who We Are

Team of Innovators, Well-trained and Experienced Engineers

Egnion derives its strength from dedication to technology, unconditional customer satisfaction and almost zero-error performance at industrial setups in order to have a stretegic position in the market.


OUR Mission is to serve our customers, Who aims to Increase their Industrial Productivity, without Compromising Product Quality, Reliablity and Safety


Why Choose Us

Specialist to meet the client requirements

Best Quality Products

Integrity and Diligence

24/7 Hours Support

Complete After Sale Support

Experienced Professionals


How We Work

We follow Six Step prodecure for excuting our projects



You can talk to our professionals and discuss the requirements. You can explain your needs and production targets to achieve.



Our Team will explain you various possibilities and options once all the requirements are gathered. We will present you all systems including prices and production capability which you can decide as per your requirements and future needs.



Our Design team starts designing your system once the project is decided. We will provide you with unmatched solution as per your needs. Our technical and design team make sure your system works efficiently with high productivity and quality standards.



Our Development team works with Designing team to assemble a totally handy system that performs the way you want. We emphasize on error free, safety and user friendly robotic solution.



Our Testing team starts working on the system once it is developed and tests it on various criterions and standards to detect the defects if any. Detected defects are reported back to our development team for further improvement.



After test and trails, we will deliver your system to your facility. We will install and execute it at your site with complete trainings to your operating staff.

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business

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